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Act early to minimise your losses

Watch our SnapShot on Company’s Solvency to help you ‘act early’ to minimise your losses in an insolvency situation.


Latest News

Key factors in retail industry insolvencies

During the last decade, the retail industry has been transformed enormously, and for good. The one-two punch of swift advancements in technology and rampant economic conditions post GFC has left many brick-and-mortar retailers up against the ropes


Safe Harbour – new insolvency law

Safe harbour commenced on 19 September 2017 and operates as a carve out from the civil insolvent trading provisions of the Corporations Act (provided requirements are met).


Personal Bankruptcy and Liquidation of a Company: Information for people in business and their advisers

The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association (ARITA) worked together to develop a new guide that explains some of the common pitfalls when individuals are running businesses that may be financially vulnerable and where that may have an impact on them personally.


Proposed insolvency reforms indicate helpful news for directors and the economy

In welcome news for directors and the economy, the Federal Government has announced draft legislation for insolvency law reform that incorporates a proposal to introduce a safe harbour provision.


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